Technical Translation

In an ecosystem built on excellence, it is only natural that we deliver the kind of accuracy and effectiveness that all its stakeholders are used to. Exactly why Wordsburg has the best native technical experts to take care of the task!

Medical Translation

If medicine is a life affirming science, then the effort to make it accessible across all corners of the globe certainly carries more than a trace of virtuousness. We, at Wordsburg, take equal parts pride and responsibility in implementing such a fragile yet rewarding task. 

Marketing & Advertising Translation

Great products then, are only as good as the communication designed to market them. That’s where Wordsburg ensures that you stand out and connect with your target market, by localizing your marketing and advertising communication while retaining brand value.

E-commerce/ Website Translation

Market research and web analytics will tell you that multilingual websites give you wider reach, cut the competition, rank you higher on search engines, and boost your sales by double!

Travel & Tourism Translation

With over 75% people preferring to buy from you when you serve them information in their language, especially in the travel sector, people experiencing varied cultures; the exchange of information plays a crucial role in building relationships.

Beauty & Lifestyle Translation

Given the degree of accountability expected in this segment; message consistency and brand value become of prime importance, something that Wordsburg understands intrinsically, and therefore delivers to perfection.

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Certified Translation

We offer professional certified translation for all your official needs. Our translations are accepted by ICA, MOM, IRAS, other Singaporean Government and Foreign bodies, and Embassies upon notarization.

Legal Translation

We come in with its professional native legal translators who ensure precision, quality and confidentiality while delivering to your, and most importantly, the concerned legal system’s expectations.

Business & Financial Translation

Business is synonymous with sustainable growth, and growth comes with transcending boundaries; new places, people, challenges and opportunities. Isn’t it wonderful then that language forms one of the key elements of entering and consolidating in international markets.

Software, Apps & IT Translation

For something as ubiquitous yet unobtrusive as software, apps and other such digital assets; localization of content works best when undertaken at the conception stage itself.

Food & Culinary Translation

Cities across the globe are transforming into cultural melting pots, there is increased production and accessibility to food items, and recipes are travelling across the globe; finally, food is staking its claim to being a universal language.

Media & Entertainent Translation

Be it subtitles, voiceovers or dubbing, Wordsburg partners with leading localization companies to ensure your movies, televised content, video games and other relevant content truly transcend all barriers.  

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